Exploring Ancient Khirokitia Cyprus: A Journey Back to the 7th Millennium BC

Cyprus's Khirokitia is one of the most ancient sites in the world, dating back to the 7th millennium BC.

Mouflon Mating Call Contest in Cyprus: A Unique Tradition

In Cyprus, there exists a unique tradition of "mouflon contests," where participants compete to imitate the mating calls of wild mouflons.

Aphrodite’s Tree: Unraveling the Legend of Love and Fertility in Cyprus

Cyprus is home to a rare and mysterious tree known as 'Aphrodite's Tree,' believed to be a symbol of eternal love and fertility.

Purr-fect Discovery: Unraveling the Tale of the World’s Oldest Pet Cat in Cyprus

Cyprus is home to the world's oldest-known pet cat, dating back more than 9,500 years.

Guardians of the Deep: Cyprus’ Endangered Mediterranean Monk Seals

Cyprus is home to a rare population of endangered Mediterranean Monk Seals, one of the world's most elusive marine mammals.

Discovering the Oldest Wine in the World: A Journey Through Cyprus’s Enchanting Vineyards

Cyprus is home to the oldest wine in the world, dating back over 5,000 years.