Discovering the Unique Galician Bagpipes Tradition in Spain

In the Galician region of Spain, bagpipes, not guitars, are the traditional musical instrument.

The Siesta Tradition in Spain: A Midday Nap That’s More Than Just a Snooze

The siesta tradition in Spain includes a midday nap, especially in the hot summer months.

Exploring the House of Shells in Spain: A Unique Architectural Gem

In Spain, there's a building known as the "House of Shells" covered in over 300 intricately carved seashell motifs.

Sweet Strides: Unwrapping the Delightful Tradition of Spain’s Chocolate Run

Spain has a tradition called "La Marcha del Chocholate" (The Chocolate Run), where participants indulge in a fun run with periodic stops for drinking cups of chocolate.

Discovering the World’s Oldest Restaurant: Sobrino de Botín

Spain is home to the world's oldest restaurant, "Sobrino de Botín," which has been serving customers since 1725.

The Unfinished Cathedral of Barcelona: A Testament to Time and Ambition

In Spain, there is a building known as "The Unfinished Cathedral" in the city of Barcelona, which has been under construction for over 135 years and remains incomplete.

La Tomatina: The Epic Tomato Battle of Spain that Stains the Streets Red

Spain is home to the world's largest tomato fight, known as "La Tomatina," where thousands of people gather each year to pelt each other with ripe tomatoes.

7 Stunning Facts About Belchite, a Living Monument to History

Spain has a small town called "Belchite" that serves as a living monument to the destructive Spanish Civil War, left untouched since its destruction in 1937.