Unraveling the Legend of Portugal’s Rooster of Barcelos

Portugal's Rooster of Barcelos is a symbol of faith and justice, based on a medieval legend.

Exploring Cabo da Roca: Europe’s Westernmost Point in Portugal

Portugal is home to Europe's westernmost point on the mainland, Cabo da Roca, where stunning cliffs meet the endless expanse of the Atlantic Ocean.

Discovering Portugal’s Cork Forest: A Natural Wonder

Portugal is home to the largest cork forest in the world, covering an area of over 730,000 hectares and providing a sustainable source of cork for various industries.

Discovering the Unique Architectural Landscape of Monsanto

In Portugal, there is a village called Monsanto where houses are built amidst giant boulders, creating a unique and surreal architectural landscape.

Discovering the Ocean Revival Park: Portugal’s Underwater Marvel

Portugal is home to the world's largest artificial underwater park, the Ocean Revival Park, which consists of four decommissioned navy ships deliberately sunk to create an extraordinary marine habitat

Livraria Bertrand, World’s Oldest Bookstore: A Journey Through Time

Did you know that Portugal is home to the world's oldest bookstore, Livraria Bertrand, which has been in operation since 1732