England / United Kingdom

Discovering the Marvels of the London Eye: The Tallest Observation Wheel in Europe

The London Eye observation wheel is the tallest in Europe.

The Enchanting Realm of Wild Monkeys in Gibraltar: A Unique European Tale

Gibraltar is home to the only wild monkey population in Europe.

The Secrets of Big Ben: A Tale of Time, Tradition, and the Elizabeth Tower

The name "Big Ben" actually refers to the bell inside the tower, not the tower itself, which is named Elizabeth Tower.

Unearthing Enchantment: The Legend of Cornwall’s Arthurian Toe and Its Mystical Powers

In the United Kingdom, precisely in Cornwall, there's a peculiar legend of the "Arthurian Toe." It's said that the toe bone of King Arthur was used as a charm to ward off evil spirits and promote healing.

The Royal Swans of England: A Bizarre Tale of Ownership and Tradition

England has a law that requires all swans in open waters to be owned by the monarchy, dating back to the 12th century.

Exploring the Connection Between Gotham Village and Gotham City

The small village of Gotham in Nottinghamshire, England, inspired the name of Gotham City, the iconic fictional city in the Batman comics.

Supernatural Encounters: Unveiling the Ghostly Secrets of Sandwich

The town of Sandwich in Kent, England, is not only famous for its namesake food but also for being one of the most haunted towns in the country.

Exploring the Charm of the World’s Shortest Street: Ebenezer Place

The world's shortest street, Ebenezer Place, can be found in Wick, Scotland, which is technically part of the United Kingdom.

The Hippo That Started It All: The Strange Beginnings of the London Zoo

The world's oldest public zoo, the London Zoo, was opened in England in 1828 and its first ever resident was a hippopotamus.