Rovaniemi: The Official Home of Santa Claus

Rovaniemi in Lapland, Finland, claims to be the official home of Santa Claus.

Whopper Relaxation: The Burger King Spa of Finland

Finland is home to the world's first and only Burger King spa, where guests can enjoy a unique combination of fast food and relaxation.

Unconventional Love and Athleticism: Finland’s Wife-Carrying Championship

Finland is home to the wife-carrying championship, where male participants race while carrying their female partners on their backs.

Finland: The Aquatic Wonderland of Countless Lakes

Finland is known as the "Land of a Thousand Lakes," but it actually has more than 180,000 lakes, making it one of the most lake-dense countries in the world.

Illuminating the Roads: Finland’s Unique Daytime Headlight Rule

In Finland, drivers are legally required to keep their headlights on at all times, even during daylight hours.

The Electrifying Air Guitar World Championships in Finland

Finland is home to the Air Guitar World Championships, where participants from around the world compete in a spirited display of imaginary guitar playing skills.