The Chilling Reality of Svalbard’s Permafrost Law

It's illegal to die in Svalbard because bodies can't decompose in the permafrost.

Hell, Norway Winter: A Chilling Tale of an Icy Town

Norway has a town called "Hell", and it freezes over every winter.

The Hidden Football Field on a Norwegian Mountain: A Journey to the Peak of Passion

There's a football field on top of a mountain in Norway, accessible only by a two-hour hike.

Unveiling the Enigmatic Norwegian Tradition of “Rævekro”

In Norway, there is a tradition called "Rævekro" which involves hanging fox tails on barns to ward off evil spirits.

Embracing the Koselig Lifestyle: Norway’s Cozy Secret to Surviving Winter

In Norway, there is a tradition called "koselig," which embraces the concept of coziness and comfort, particularly during the long, dark winter months.

Unleashing the Russ Spirit: Norway’s Month-Long Graduation Celebration

Norway has a tradition called "Russ" where high school graduates celebrate by wearing colorful overalls and participating in wild parties for an entire month.

The Chilly Tradition: Outdoor Naps in Norwegian Kindergartens

In Norway, it is common for kindergartens to offer outdoor naps to children, even in freezing temperatures.

Exploring Norway’s Car-Free Town: A Quirky Scandinavian Experience

Did you know that Norway has a town where cars are banned, and even bicycles are frowned upon?